Hello…It’s Me

…And for the few of you who follow my blog you’re probably wondering “where is she?”.  Let’s just say I’m glad it’s 2016.  Not long after my last post in May 2015, I became really sick and it took me away from being active as a knitter, gardener, aspiring blogger, crafter, etc. While I was able to pick back up on some projects and even start some new ones mid-Autumn (be sure to check out my On the Needles pages), soon thereafter I had to have surgery and that kept me a bit occupied otherwise.  Hence, my preference for 2016.

During this away time I was able to at least maintain my creative space and have posted some pictures to share with you.  Even while under the weather, I found it was the one place that always kept my spirits up and I’m grateful that our home provides me the chance to have such a room (don’t worry, my husband it by no means left out–he has an entire room dedicated to his drum set, guitars, Foo Fighters paraphernalia and “man junk”).

Do you have a certain space that inspires you? Is it in an old comfy chair or near a window with bright sunshine?

Entering Creative Space


Button Art Window View

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