Shhh! Don’t Tell My Knitting Needles

I have many of what I like to call “my mama taught me” skills.  And one of those is quilting.

Dress Shirt QuiltAs a young girl I would watch my mother stitch her magic together piece by piece–from wall hangings to cozy quilts, pillows and even clothing–the hum of her Singer was a constant in our home.  At just 8 years old my parents bought me my own sewing machine and to this day, I’ve always had one with me.  I never became quite as skilled as my mother (enter my excessive need for perfection) but with simplistic patterns I can hold my own.

After what has been a snow-pocalypse  of a winter, my mind is chock full of ideas of crafty-goodness.  When my husband decided to clean out his closet, the thought struck–I’m going to make a quilt out of his old dress shirts!  And thus the cheating on my knitting needles began.Quilt with borders

I’ve cut and stitched together the piece of the shirts that were salvageable and I’ve purchased the fabric I’ll use to create a border and the backing. All I need is another winter storm forcing me housebound and this quilt will be well on its way to keeping us cozy.


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