Making a Mistake Turn Happy

A few days ago I posted on Ello that I was beginning a new knitting project with sport weight yarn that my aunt had dyed and gifted to me. My goal was to knit up one of Purl Soho‘s latest patterns, Broken Garter Scarf, because I fell in love with the simplicity of the stitch.  I pulled out my straight needles, gave the swift a workout making cakes with the yarn and then headed down to couch to snuggle up with my pug and begin my work.  Did I mention this was at about 8:00 p.m. that night?

My husband watched some TV while I began my project and as we decided it was getting late, I finished the row and put down my work proud of the progress I’d made.  But in looking at the work on my needles and the picture of the pattern, something didn’t seem right.  As it turns out, I repeated rows 1 and 2 when I was only suppose to repeat row 1.  Oops!  So much for following the pattern!  For about two minutes I contemplated ripping out the work (thoughts ranging from “I could rip this out tonight and start fresh and go to bed late, but I’ll pay for it in the morning” to “Perhaps you can add this to your WIP basket and pick it up another time?”) but I decided I liked the pattern I’d established and as such, I’d move forward in that theme.  There’s always another time to knit up the Broken Garter Scarf with another yarn.

Enter today. This morning, I was the first in the house to wake up (ok, it was actually the dog but as far as humans go I was the first) and thrilled at the prospect of a hot cup of tea and quiet knitting time.  I chose to sit in the living room because of the springtime sun peering through the windows; I was ready to start my day off with a tone of happiness and content. And as I prepared to pick up where I left off the other night, I realized that one of the needles had a “6” imprinted on the side.  Now I know that when I prepared all materials to begin the project, I swore I had picked through my needles to find the size 5 recommended for the yarn weight. Upon further inspection, I realized that yes, I did have a size 5 needled but also a size 6 (sort of like when you wear one brown shoe and one black shoe to work–both are the same style but clearly have a very different impact on your outfit for the day).  So, as it turns out I’d not only failed to follow the pattern but also used two different size needles…double Oops? (Enter yet another reason I’m a fan of circulars–it’s all connected and guaranteed to be the SAME size.)

As I was not going to lose this peaceful knitting time, I decided to rip out the stitches, wind the cake back up and start casting on another new project.  After all, the yarn is ready, the pattern is printed and my patience for it will return…eventually.  And then I remembered, I have two cakes of Malabrigo’s Mecha in Archangel waiting patiently in my yarn stash and I think I know exactly how I’m going to use them–to knit up the Broken Garter Scarf  but this time following the pattern AND using two of the same size needles!

I know I must not be the only knitter out there that’s experienced a bit of frustration with a project–I’d love to learn your stories and how you approached resolving them without pulling out your hair (or perhaps yarn)? And even if you don’t knit or craft, when life throws you a frustrating moment how do you adapt?

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