100% Chance of Blizzard & Knitting

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in my world.  Between preparing for a blizzard (thanks, Juno) and caring for our pug, Watson (he just had a tumor removed from his foot), I’ve somehow still found time to knit but blog…not so much.

We’ve survived the worst of Blizzard 2015 and we’re grateful to still have electricity.  (Having grown up in Northern New England I’m always still skeptical whether we’ll actually keep it during a storm.)  Watson is doing well–we’ve narrowed the time it takes to wrap his paw in cling wrap down to just seconds, keeping his bandaged wrapped paw nice and dry when he must venture outside.

And with work closed due to the storm, between the two rounds of snow blowing and shoveling I found myself with time–a rarity it seems–and I could not think of a better place to spend it than with my knitting needles and camera tucked away in my craft room (someday I’ll post pictures of my zen space).  While knitting quickly became my passion–I’m confident this is not a passing hobby of the moment–I’ve always had a love for photography.  I think it comes from my Grammy Jean.  Growing up, she lived with us (and she still at the age of 87 takes pictures and has them developed using her 35mm camera!) and I remember spending hours looking through all of her photos.  She has a natural skill of seeing something and sensing it’s need to be captured for eternity–whether it be a gorgeous flower in my mother’s garden or my parent’s two pugs–Zeke and Zoe–who always appear to be posing for the camera (I think that may be part of their DNA, I mean who hasn’t seen a pug that looks like their posing?)

Front Door Blizzard 2015While I’m definitely a novice at best, now and again I bring out my Nikon.  Ironically, that tends to be take pictures of when it snows…but today I also took the opportunity to finally capture some images of my knitted works.  Some of them came out acceptable but others whisper a subtle hint that I should probably 1.) get out my photography class notes and 2.) actually use the camera and re-learn it’s many features.

In an effort to be “artsy” here’s an image of our front door adorned by snowy drifts and icicles.  And while you’re at it, consider checking out my posts over at “On the Needles” to see what I’ve been up to in the few minutes of downtime I commit to taking each day (even if only for a few minutes).  Stay warm and safe out there!



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