Craving a Sunburn

Hello, fellow knitters and friends.  It’s been a while.  I’m sorry for the delayed post, but life has been a bit full these past few weeks and unfortunately, as much as I’d love knitting and blogging to be my full-time past times, I’m not quite there yet!

However, fear not–my knitting needles have not been neglected.  If anything, they’ve been the one constant in a slough of other engagements.  Currently I’m working on knitting a colorway hand-dyed by my aunt–check out the Spud & Chloe pattern here.  The fiber is so soft, I cannot wait until this project is complete.  I’ll tuck it safely away for next season and have something cozy to look forward to wearing when the autumn chill returns.

As the season begins to turn to Spring (or so it attempts to–cold temperatures and gray New England skies have had me a bit down these last few days), I’m finding myself eager to be outside, soaking in the sun (after this winter, I’d welcome a sunburn as a reminder that the sun actually exists!) and playing in the dirt of my garden.  I know once I begin turning the beds and planting seeds that I will find inspiration suitable for my knitting needles.  (And hopefully my crochet hook–I’m about to teach myself how to crochet and quite thankful that my mom is just a few doors away to help me, too.  Wish me luck!).

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