It’s raining. It’s snowing. And it’s yet another snow day.

I’m off from work today courtesy of another winter storm (kudos, Linus).  Fortunately, this allows me more time to knit but rather than post about my newest project I thought I’d take a break from the routine and share the top five reasons I LOVE snow days.  (Disclaimer:  My family is originally from Buffalo and Niagara Falls, I grew up in New Hampshire and noSnuggles with Watsonw live in Massachusetts.  Snow is a way of life this time of year.)

  1. My husband, Robert.  I’m an educator and he’s an attorney–our schedules are often quite hectic and while we make every effort to spend quality time together, mother nature has blessed us with the opportunity to do so today and for that I’m grateful.
  2. Our pug, Watson.  This little dude loves to cuddle and my heart breaks every morning when I have to leave but on snow days, we get to make uSnow Day Socksp for lost time.
  3. No make-up.  Seriously.
  4. Naps.  At any time of the day.  Score!
  5. Fun socks.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Under what circumstances is it appropriate to wear these other than a snow day?

What are your top five reasons for loving a snow day?

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