Knitter’s Quandry

Lately I’ve been struggling with my knitting and not in the “this pattern is too difficult” sort of way. I think I’ve found my diagnosis courtesy of this Tink Yarn blog post…I have castonitis…with a capital “C”.  I want to or do start too many projects and then well, that’s where it ends.  Each project becomes part of a rotation and when I find myself in the mood, I pick it up, knit a few rows or rounds and then put it down indefinitely because I just can’t seem to find the motivation to continue.  What’s wrong with me?!

With a diagnosis in mind, I’m seeking to pinpoint the symptoms– 1) It’s spring and I live in New England (after this winter I feared I would never see the sun again and now that it’s here I’m afraid it will disappear and snow will re-appear in its absence–a totally legitimate fear I might add); 2) It’s the end of the school year (I dare you to find an educator who has free time on their hands right now but if you do find them, please gather their secrets and share!); and 3) There are too many beautiful patterns out there (I know what you’re thinking–who would actually complain about that?! But I’mYarn for Blue Bell Hill Scarf not complaining I’m just overwhelmed by the opportunities!).

So like any addict of the fiber variety, I’ve just cast on another scarf and will keep finding inspiration for projects all around me.  Every one I start will get finished in due time and while I’ll knit through the summer, I know I’ll always have next winter as my back-up plan…as long as it’s not like the Winter of 2015.  If that’s the case, I’m packing up my knitting and moving.



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